Aquahab has access to a wide selection of fish and invertebrates available in the marine ornamental fish trade because it operates in the Philippines with an ocean region recognized as the world’s center of marine biodiversity. 75% of the world species are found in our home reefs, including 421 of the known 577 species of corals. We do not ship corals.

Our warehouse

Our fish hold and quarantine warehouse contains approximately 200 cubic meters of natural sea water and is situated along the airport road, just minutes from the airline check-in counters. You can be assured of the shortest transfer time possible.

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Our credentials

We’ve been in this business since 1998.


Our beliefs
  • We believe that it is our inherent responsibility to protect our marine resources by upholding non-destructive fishing methods and implementing a catch-to-order system, not only to ensure a sustainable livelihood for ourselves but to ensure the future for many generations to come.
  • We believe that we must always comply to a standard of best practices in our holding and shipping procedures because we recognize our accountability in the supply chain and take full responsibility for the fitness of all organisms that we ship.
  • We believe that the long standing relationships that we have with our employees, customers and fish collectors is the greatest asset we have built through the years and the most valuable testament of their trust and confidence.
 Our invitation

We cordially invite you to come over and get to know us better. Please check out our Visit page for more details.