The Anemone Crab. Our featured image for the month.

The beautiful Neopetrolisthes maculatus lives in a commensal relationship with this large sea anemone.They keep the anemone clean while benefiting from its protection. Porcelain crabs feed by filtering plankton with the feather-like appendages that extends from their mouths. They are also known to eat mucus from the anemone. They can grow to a little over an inch long with males growing a little larger than females.

Anemone Crabs make a wonderful addition to any reef or invertebrate aquarium. They are not aggressive except towards their conspecifics, and should not be kept with larger, aggressive crabs which may attack them. Their diet can be supplemented with tablet food.

This particular specimen was found with his pair at a depth of 30 ft. in Talicud Island.

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