Let us show you how we do things around here.

We invite you to know what goes on throughout the supply chain – from where they’re found, how they’re caught and prepared for shipment. Take a private tour of our collection areas and holding facilities. Meet the fisherfolk and watch the collectors in action. It will be an experience like no other and will give you indispensable insight into how things are done on our side.

Day 1: Manila

Arrive in Manila, jump off point to all international destinations. Here you will find our holding depot from where all orders are prepared for shipment. Get acquainted with our receiving, quarantine and packing procedures. Our recommended hotels are below

Day 2: Anilao

Just a three hour drive south of Manila is Anilao, a world renowned dive spot and protected area. Many have said that Anilao is a dream spot for the underwater photographer. The reefs are healthy and reef fish are plentiful. Most species in the muck and macro diving list can be found here. It has a large number of hard and soft corals; arguably, one of the largest varieties in the world. It is a good place to start your orientation on what to find in the Philippines. Below are the hotels we recommend.

Day 3: Verde Island

Another two-and-a-half hour boat ride from Anilao will take you thru the Verde Island Passage dubbed as the “center of the center” of marine shore fish biodiversity. It has been declared as having the highest concentration of marine life in the world. More than half of the fish species found in the country can be found here. It also has the most number of hard-coral species than any other area. In it’s body lies Verde Island, a small fishing village of aquarium fish collectors. This is our destination for your personal encounter and the highlight of your tour. Our recommended hotel in this island is below.

Optional Tours

If three days isn’t enough and you would like to cover more ground during your stay, we can recommend optional tours you will surely enjoy.

  • Puerto Galera awarded as the most beautiful bay in the world with shorelines covered with white sand beaches, is a holiday destination only one hour boat ride from Verde Island.
Best time to come

To make the most of your visit, we recommend that you come during the dry months falling within December to May when our skies are clear and sunny.